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Welcome to Nebaj.com

Welcome to Nebaj.com, your source for in-depth information on this uniquely beautiful region of the Guatemalan highlands. Here, you can explore all that the area has to offer. Through the unique, locally owned and operated group of tourism focused businesses known as "Turismo Ixil', well organized, reliable and community-based activities are at your disposal!

Nebaj has something to offer every traveler. Whether you are a serious student looking to learn Spanish, an inquisitive mind looking to experience Mayan culture, a hard-core hiking enthusiast, or a casual nature lover, you'll find it all waiting for you here in this pristine mountain village.

MapEAT - Stop by 'El Descanso Restaraunt' for a burrito as big as your head, or to enjoy a warm/cold beverage with other travellers, volunteers and local patrons.

SLEEP - Need a cozy place to rest your weary head? Perhaps the international backpacker hostel 'Media Luna Medio Sol' might be just what you are looking for. Grab a bunk or book a private room, whatever your heart (and your pocketbook) prefer!

STUDY - Whether you are looking to pick up some basic Spanish language survival skills or working on perfecting your 'past perfect subjunctive', Nebaj Language School can work with you to create your ideal Spanish language learning experience. Want to really work on it? A home stay experience with a well prepared, local family is a fantastic way to integrate yourself into the local community and really drive home your conversational skills. Still want more? Consider trying classes in the local Mayan Language, Ixil!... Tan' Tish'!

EXPLORE - Itchy feet? WE KNOW THE FEELING! No better way to scratch that itch than to hit the mountain trails with the trained, local experts at 'Guias Ixiles'. Half day hike seem about right? Guias Ixiles can take you on a variety of exciting yet physically managable half and full day trips to local villages, waterfalls and other points of local interest. Want to push it further? How about trying a 2-3 day hike through the Cuchumatan Mounitans, sleeping in rest camps or in small rural communities with families eager to host along the way?!?

CONNECT - Now that you have brushed up on that Spanish, hiked the mountains, beat your homestay brother twice in chess, gobbled up at least one big old El Descanso Burrito...TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABOUT IT! You know your Facebook friends are dying to know what you are up to...friend, fan, find, tweet...do it all at La Red, Internet Cafe.

Now get on up here....just follow this map or contact us for more detailed logistical support!

Chicken Bus...don't fail me now!!!