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STUDY - Nebaj Language School (NLS)

The Nebaj Language School, the first and only language school in Nebaj, was created to provide quality language instruction and to increase economic opportunities for local teachers and homestay familiesThe Nebaj Language School wishes to create the best learning experience possible, therefore teachers remain flexible to the student’s needs and desires.  Furthermore, time is dedicated to discussing the distinct culture and customs of Nebaj and the Ixil region thereby taking advantage of the unique learning environment.

While studying Spanish at Nebaj Language School, students will encounter a number of distinct advantages:

* Classes are offered in small group settings as well as in one-on-one, personalized instruction for those in pursuit of intensive tutoring and studying.

* Nebaj is a significant hub of teacher education in Guatemala. As such, our school has a wealth of candidates from which to select the best educators.

* Studying with the Nebaj Language School is an opportunity to impact the local economy.

* Not only is your investment sure to improve your Spanish language skills; it will also serve to improve the standard of living and to create sustainable job opportunities for rural Guatemalans.

* Nebaj is tucked into the deepest corner of the highlands, offering absolutely stunning landscapes and a hidden, mysterious culture. The people have lived here for many centuries and have kept old traditions alive in a way that no other part of Guatemala has.

Teaching Style
We understand that everyone has a different learning style, so our teachers use a variety of techniques to make learning easy and fun. We know that not everyone wants to sit in a classroom, therefore we aim to provide plenty of opportunities to reinforce vocabulary and grammar through games and through activities in and around Nebaj.

Our goal is to make our lessons as well-rounded as possible, providing exercises that will incorporate writing, reading, and pronunciation so as to offer a custom tailored learning experience. Furthermore, as a result of our unique location, lessons will also focus on learning about the rich customs, culture and politics of the Ixil region.

Class Options
We have several different package options that are available, but we can also tailor the class schedule to meet your individual needs. While our standard packages include four hours of instruction a day (8:00am -12:00pm or 2:00pm - 6:00pm), we can also accommodate students who would like additional class time per day.

Option 1


4 Hours Daily

US $80.00 per week

Option 2

Classes and Homestay

20 Hours of Private Spanish Classes


US $145.00 per week

Homestay with Local Family
(Includes 2 Meals per Day)

Option 3

The Nebaj Experience

20 Hours of Private Spanish Classes Including Cultural Language Instruction


US $165.00 per week

Homestay with Local Family
(Includes 2 Meals per Day)

5 Hours of Free Internet at La Red

2 Guided Mountain Hikes to Surrounding Villages