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Turismo IxilTurismo Ixil  is an initiative to help create local jobs and opportunities in Nebaj, Guatemala. Turismo Ixil also boosts the local economy by offering tourists eco-friendly treks, Spanish and Ixil language classes, volunteer opportunities and a hotel (Media Luna Media Sol) and restaurant (El Descanso) to enjoy.

Primary beneficiaries:
Residents of Nebaj, local business owners, travelers/tourists

More about Turismo Ixil:
Turismo Ixil began as a restaurant in January of 2002. CE Solutions worked with local constituents to leverage the restaurant infrastructure and create additional businesses over time. In January of 2004, local leadership assumed 100% ownership of these ventures through sweat equity and since that time, we have supported the work of Turismo Ixil as needed and requested by this leadership.


Created in January 2002, El Descanso Restaurant is a local restaurant where both travelers and villagers come to eat. This is where the CE Solutions story truly began
Created in November 2002, La Red Internet Cafe offers inexpensive computer and Internet services to the community.
Created in November 2002, Ixil Guides provides trekking and touring opportunities in Nebaj and the surrounding areas of the Ixil region.
Created in January 2003, the Nebaj Language School offers Spanish and Ixil language instruction for travelers.
Created in December 2006, Media Luna Medio Sol Hostel provides travelers with an inexpensive and clean place to sleep.